Friday, July 24, 2009

More Conversations with Grasshopper (You Can't Make This Stuff Up)

JR had to go on a long business trip this week, so I decided to throw Grasshopper in the car and drive 5 hours south my parents house and spread the waking-up-at-6:00-in-the-morning love.

The trouble with living in north Georgia, and having family in north Florida, is that you have to travel through central and south Georgia to get there.

With a three year old who has mastered the fine art of staying awake in the car so that he can ask questions (often the same question) approximately every 2.3 seconds without even pausing for breath. Patience, I haz it.

So, south Georgia: not too scenic, but full of an-mals which makes it's lack of attractive scenery forgivable, "Look Mommy, cows! Moooooo Mooooo Mooooo!" "Look Mommy, horses! Neeeeigh Neeeeigh Neieeiiigh!" "Look Mommy goats! Maaaaaa Maaaaaa Maaaaa!" etc, etc, etc.

Yesterday, as we finally approached my parent's city, signs of civilization started springing up and I figured that we were done with barnyard animals until our return trip.

Instead, I got this:

Grasshopper: "Mommy! Mommy! I saw an an-mal!"

Me: "Did you? What kind of animal was it? I didn't see one..."

Grasshopper: "It was a reindeer! A wittle one!"

Me: "You saw a little REINDEER?!?!"

Grasshopper: "Yes! It was a baby. And it was talkin!"

Me: "What was the baby reindeer saying?"

Swiveling around to look for signs that my child has somehow come down with a raging fever causing hallucinations involving reindeer in Florida.

Grasshopper looking at me like I am the stupidest person he has ever had the misfortune to spend 5 hours in the car with:

"Goo-goo, gah-gah. It a BABY Mommy."


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Well, LOL. He got you there.

StephLove said...

June's got a new imaginary friend-- Chikel. She's a baby and is frequently the reason June cannot come inside. "I have to spend some time with Chikel," she'll say

"Bring Chikel inside."

"She won't come inside..."

Have fun in Florida. Say hi to the reindeer for me.

StephLove said...

p.s. I gave my friend your email, though it may be a while before she answers. Their new baby is only two months old.

They've also had the experience of having an adoption fall through in between their two boys.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Ha, so now we know where the reindeer spend the off season...or at least the talking baby ones. Very cute! Enjoy the weekend.

Manic Mommy said...

How timely that I'm reading your reindeer story. The boys are watching the Tom and Jerry version of the Nutcracker.

I really need higher standards.

Hope the visit with the 'rents is good.

Mama Goose said...

Um...Yeah! Duh! CUTE!

We just got back from a 6+ hour trip to northern New York. We, too, had horses, cow and emu farms along the way. ("What sound does an emu make Mama?" Ummmm?????) Owen, however, was completely enamored with hay bales. He cried and cried when we returned to suburbia where there are no hay bales...

Captain Dumbass said...

Kinda walked into that one.

Dyar Baby Momma said...

You are a saint! 5 hours by yourself with Grasshopper.

Is it bad that I'm really glad we have in car entertainment? I don't think I have your patience. Sigh.

hayseed said...

I'll take animal noises any day over general crankiness-and 5 hours in the car with a little one by yourself is no small feat!