Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer is here and the living is....monotonous


*knock, knock, knock*

Is this thing on? Testing, testing, 1,2,3.

Oh, right, hi!

I've been MIA again, haven't I?

I really wish that I had a good excuse for this sort of behavior, but I don't. My life lately just hasn't seemed worth blogging about. I feel as if Grasshopper and I are caught in the movie Groundhog Day and nothing ever changes.

I mean some things do. My 3 year old is suddenly going on 13 what with eye rolling and attitude becoming part of his vocabulary. For example yesterday morning I asked him if he would like a waffle and the response I got was, "I just TOLD Daddy I no want breakfast, I BUSY!" complete with frustrated exhalations and eye rolling, and him turning his back on me to finish completing construction of his new parking lot.

Oh, I guess that's something else new, my child who loves books, who made my Mommy heart swell with pride every time he asked for me to read "just one more" now uses books exclusively for building things. Things for his cars to drive on, drive through and park on, to be specific. Sigh. Do not try to get him to read one with you, or you'll be subjected to the eye rolling again.

I guess summer has just been sucking the life out of me (or at least the creative parts) this year. Summer has long been my least-favorite season, and every year it seems to get worse. Here in Atlanta JR likes to joke that you get "mugged" the minute you step outside, which I initially thought was a reference to the swarms of mosquitoes but as it turns out is his way of making a pun with the term "muggy." Ahem.

In other news, there's a recession on! Have any of y'all heard about this? Yeah.

Well, shortly after we got our amazing news about having an Angel to sponsor our adoption, we got the news that things were Not Good with JR's business. My husband is one of 4 partners in said business, and not the one who handles the financials, so he knew that sales were down, but he didn't really know how far down.

As it turns out, they needed to lay some people off, and take on more work amongst the four of them to compensate. Yeah. So now JR is working at the jobs of like 3 people as well as being an owner. Grasshopper and I don't see nearly as much of him as we would like.

The good news is that these moves have stabilized things, and made the company leaner and meaner and they should be in an excellent position once the tide of the recession turns. Which, can we all just have a moment of silence to focus our collective energy that way?

*breathe in, breathe out, repeat*


So we are still moving forward on the adoption, but s l o w l y. Mostly because JR has no time for writing up his self-study or taking off work to go and get fingerprinted. Hell, he's out of town more often than not, these days.

So Grasshopper and I are trying to fill our days by playing with friends, and creating massive traffic jams complete with convoluted stories of which car hit which car and which one is merely broken down, and which one ran out of gas, and which one has a flat tire, and also scrubbing and resealing the kitchen grout. Oh wait, that last one was just me. Grasshopper declared it, "too much work."

So that's my life, in a nutshell. How have all of you been? How do you survive these long summer days? I'd love to hear your tactics.


Mama Goose said...

I hear you... We're in a sort of holding pattern until Kindergarten starts (in ONE MONTH!).

Sorry to hear JR is having to work more. I hope that will translate in to some more family time somewhere down the road.

Oh, and the eye rolling? Yikes. We don't have that yet with O, but he has started yelling (hmmm, wonder where he gets that...) when he doesn't want to do something. The good side is that it has made me more aware of my own tone of voice...

Manic Mommy said...

I saw your title and breathed a giant YESSSS! That's exactly it; the monotony, the what do we do today? the how can i clean around these people (and puppies) determined to just keep making bigger messes?

I am sorry things slowed down in the adoption process but so happy they're still on a good track.

I think we're all in some sort of stasis until school begins in the fall. Until then, here we sit, wishing our lives away...

Oh, and they eyerolling? Get used to it...

Funnyrunner said...

Hey! Good to hear from you! I'm glad JR wasn't the one who lost the job; thank goodness!

Yay- Grasshopper is a real boy now, complete with sassyness! Turn it into humor and sink down to his level; it works. :)

I love summer. It used to be endless when the boys were little and they drove me nuts but now they're self sufficient and we don't have homework, lunches for school, or getting up at the crack of dawn. ahhhh.

I can understand your situation, though. My advice is to let Grasshopper play with the hose...


lonek8 said...

I agree! yesterday we had played in the backyard, play in the house, eaten breakfast, watched tv and put the baby down for a nap and I figured it was lunch time, but guess what? it was 10 AM!! at least two more hours to go! boooo

TracyBlalock said...

I've been wondering what happened to you. Sounds like your summer is as much excitement as mine. Sorry to hear about JR having more work but it's a blessing he has work to do. Business is slow here at home, but we are managing.
I love Grasshoppers attitude...just wait until he's a teenager. LOL It just gets better by the day.

StephLove said...

J doesn't roll her eyes, but she crosses her arms over her chest, pouts and says "No fair!" frequently. All manner of things are unfair these days.

Stacey said...

Well THERE you are! I was afraid you were turning into The (Not So) Daily Nuzz!

I hear you on the holding pattern...this has been the longest damn summer ever! But try to cherish these moments with Grasshopper (yes, even the eye-rolls. cuz now they are cute, but wait til they're 11 or so and you just want to smack the eyes out of their heads for 'em!) Enjoy the slow, lazy days with just the two of you...since before you know it, there will be another one in the mix! Sorry to hear the adoption process may be taking a bit longer, but I'm so excited that it's happening!

Now go have a mojito. It helps.