Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Fun: a Post in Pictures

What's an oh-so-busy blogger to do when there are cookies to be baked, gifts to be wrapped and all of the usual chores to be done too? Why use pictures, of course!

We attended the Christmas Festival at Grasshopper's preschool over the weekend. It was grand!

First we made a lovely and stylish necklace out of Apple Jacks. Fortunately Grasshopper had no idea those things are edible...

Then, we made some very fancy antlers!

Next, we decorated a sugar cookie that seemed awfully large...

But every crumb was eaten! Grasshopper couldn't understand why Mommy was attacking him with baby wipes

before moving on to the next activity...

Meeting Santa Claus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the BEST Santa I have ever seen. Every hair on that man's head grew there, and he was so wonderfully kind and gentle with the children. We waited 1.5 hours to see him, and in that time not ONE child cried about being put in Santa's lap.

There was also an amazing Silent Auction, a Bake Sale, a Secret Santa Shop where Grasshopper made his first-ever present purchases (I cannot wait to see what he chose for us!) and a Bouncy Slide too. It was so much fun that in the end, the little guy just couldn't sit up for another minute.

Merry Christmas Internets! I hope you all find as much fun and joy in the season as possible! (having a 2 1/2 year old helps with this, I've discovered).


Dysd Housewife said...

I so love those "REAL" santas with real beards. They just make it seem a little more magical. He looks like he may just be the big guy himself! And I am SO gettin' me some of those antlers.

natasha said...

Once you have the antlers, Dysd Housewife, be sure to wear them EVERYWHERE.

Also, if anyone insists that you remove them for, say, bathing; scream.