Monday, October 13, 2008

the nap is not your enemy

Dearest Grasshopper,

The nap is not your enemy. It is a lovely break in the middle of your very busy two year old day when you get the opportunity to sleep and hence to dream lovely dreams and to recharge your bodily batteries. That way you will have lots and lots of energy for more running in circles, yelling Moooommmyyy every five minutes and making balls out of play dough.

Also, it gives your mother a F#$%*@G break! You see my dear boy, it is not the nap which you should fear and fight so hard to avoid. It is the Mommy who has not known a minute of silence today. The Mommy whose husband is out of town and therefore has no chance of a moment of silence until you go to bed over FIVE HOURS from now!

There now, don't you feel better? Aren't you going to drift blissfully off to sleep? Because seriously kid, it's time to start fearing the Mommy, not the nap.

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