Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who would sell their house in autumn 2008? Oh yeah, that's us!

So we're trying to sell our house. Yes, I know that it takes a real stroke of genius to put your house on the market in September 2008. Which we did. But we've got really good reasons! (doesn't everybody?)

Reason number 1: we need some more frickin space! Our house is adorable, and quite charming cause it was built in the 1940s. It also has no closet space and a very limited number of places to put the large colorful plastic things belonging to Grasshopper which seem to be cloning themselves in our home.

Reason number 2: I am a planner. If it can be planned (or even if it can't) I will plan it. The reason this is important is that when we bought this house 5 years ago, we decided that we'd stay in it for about 5 years. I planned that we would move in year 5. Year 5 is here ergo we must move. Yes, I do drive my husband batty, thanks for asking.

Reason number 3: We desperately want to adopt another child, which I have planned to occur sometime after we jump through the 27 billion necessary hoops this coming spring. That should place our children about 3 years apart in age, which I have planned for. Our home cannot reasonably accommodate another child and the plethora of large colorful plastic things sure to accompany him or her.

Reason number 4: It's a buyer's market! Wait, wait you may be saying, I thought you were trying to sell your house? And you're right, but we also plan to buy another one and are hoping that by making the move from hip intown living to, um well, less hip suburban living that we'll come out ahead in this crazy market.

So those are our reasons for making this foolhardy endeavor this autumn. I imagine that this will not be the last time that you read about our adventures in real estate in this blog. I have some suburbia-based phobias that will have to be addressed another time (think stepford wives hopped up on super-sweet tea & saying "bless your heart" every three sentences) but in the meantime I have to find homes for some large colorful plastic things cause I've got a buyer coming!

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