Monday, March 30, 2009


JR just left for a 5 day business trip. [weep with me for a moment, won't you?]

Before he went, we gathered as a family to say our good-byes.

JR to Grasshopper: "Are you going to be a good boy for Mommy while I'm gone?"

Grasshopper: "Nope!"

JR: "You need to be a good boy!"

Grasshopper: "Why?"

JR: "Because I'll be very upset with you when I get home if you haven't been good!"

Grasshopper: "Oh, pwease!"

Me: "If he's no longer alive by Friday..."

JR: "It'll be completely justifiable, My Love."

Me: "Okay, as long as we're clear on that."

JR and I both look menacingly at Grasshopper.

Grasshopper: "Dat's silly!"

Somehow, I don't get the feeling that he's afraid for his life...


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Uh, yeah, good luck.
As someone who was pretty much alone for two years with my older one since my husband traveled overnight every week, I feel for you. Drink often and as necessary. It's always happy hour somewhere you know. Even if happy hour for you is a Coke or something, stay sane!

And don't listen to the experts a little duck tape never hurt any kid of mine...

Manic Mommy said...

Oh I feel your pain! I have a full week by myself coming up. Originally, I thought it was school vacation week. Thankfully, God is kind and it's the week before.

I'll light a candle for you.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Love it! I threaten to 'beat them bloody' which has no effect what so ever...

Funnyrunner said...

Remember... bribes are GOOD.

Wow... fancy new format.. you're talented! like it!