Thursday, March 12, 2009


Please join me while my head explodes, won't you, Dear Internets?

[I feel the need to say right off, that I know that what I am going to describe is NORMAL. I know that it is an important part of Grasshopper's development. I know that it is something that every toddler does. I indulge him, and I'm hoping that you readers will in turn indulge me.]

Grasshopper has a favorite book. It just might be the worst book ever. It's called Follow the Tow Truck. It is a TONKA book people. It doesn't even have an author. What it is does have is riveting dialogue like "The tow truck works hard day and night." [That's the sort of lonely sentence you find on each individual page] with pop-ups(!) of the tow truck fulfilling its destiny of carting around cars and motorcycles.

My son requests this book nearly every time I make the mistake of sitting down.

"Read me dis one Mommy, again!"

"Wouldn't you like to pick out another book, buddy? Maybe Blueberry's for Sal? You know ke-plink, ke-plank, ke-plunk?"

"No Mommy, dis one! Not udder one."

"How about Make Way for Ducklings?"

"No Mommy! Dis one. It my fuh-a-wit."

"Grasshopper, seriously, how about a Little Critter book? We love Little Critter, he has a plot!"


"Okay, okay, but only twice and then we'll pick another book."

I'm sure by now you all recognize where this is going. I have read Follow the Tow Truck twice with as much enthusiasm as I can muster [while Grasshopper recites every word along with me]. My child looks at me with excitement sparkling in his gorgeous brown eyes and demands, "Again! Mommy!"

And he is so cute, and it's really not that long of a book and so I read it, again. Our record so far is 9 readings in a row before my eyes rolled back in my head and I insisted on another book RIGHT NOW.

So he brought me Follow the Fire Truck.

I think I might have cried, just a little.


Manic Mommy said...

You know the answer already; he's building his love of reading and comfort in the anticipated outcome each time it is read to him.

Boys are hard-wired to loooove trucks and cars. Try to be as PC as you want. We have a completely unused dollhouse, a kitchen set that occasionally gets some play, and a shopping cart specifically used to run each other over. We also have a Fisher Price garage that has been used without fail since HRH received it for Christmas when he was ONE.

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

Um, some bad news...mine is 5 and she stills the same crap!

Mama Smurf said...

Hmmm....wouldn't it be a darn shame if some horrible fate should come to his beloved it should accidently meet with the flames of a fireplace?

Just horrible.


I feel your pain...been there 3 times now. My youngest has finally moved on from her princess books.

Stopped by from McMommy's place..

Nice to "meet" you

Wendy said...

okay, so while i tried to read your post and concentrate on what you were saying i kept thinking "is she talking about my kid" so i had to re-read and focus on you and your horrid tonka truck. i can relate, except in my case its's blasted mickey mouse. (and i admit, i curse that mouse daily) so just know--- it is okay you are not alone. and soon he will move on to girls and you will long for the tonka truck days ;)

Funnyrunner said...

OMG I think every mom has the same story. I can't remember the wretched books to which my boys were addicted (notwithstanding the fabulous, more literate choices available), but I do remember a horrible SONG. The only rendition of "Wheels on the Bus" I could find (and I had to find it because my toddler LOVED the song) was from a Barney CD. He used to throw an absolute FIT if we didn't listen to the Barney Wheels on the Bus song EVERY TIME we were in the car OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Take heart, all of you. They graduate to Harry Potter eventually. You are all good moms for sitting down and fostering a love of reading, no matter what the material. I love going late at night to "yell" at my kids to put down the book and turn out the light for bedtime.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...


My son loves reading the Bernstein Bear Books, which is good because there is a lot of variety to the stories but with the same characters.

At least he enjoys books!

Happy POW!

McMommy said...


Our book of torture is an encyclopedia of AIRPLANES. I am not kidding. I try to tell my son "BUT THIS ISN'T A STORY! Please can we read a real book?" And he's all "what does it say about this airplane?"

Someone save me.

StephLove said...

When my son was a year old and only had a handful of words, one of them was "aga" (again) which he'd use every time we got to the end of Elmer's Day. I got so tired of that elephant and his stupid day.

June's not tormenting me with any particular book right now but we've definitely been there.

Jennifer said...

Well... he could be wanting to watch Elmo in Grouchland or the umpteenth million time.