Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving in

I really did not intend to stick a depressing post up here and disappear for days. Really, I didn't. Sometimes life just gets away from you. Sometimes life comes back to you in large storage pods.

The residents of Mom Street have been busy moving back into our house. How exciting! Our same house! Our same stuff! But we've been paying for lots of it to be in storage for no reason! Woo Hoo!

So, really we've been unloading our large storage pods and rediscovering that our house is small. Sigh. And that we have too much stuff. Double Sigh.

On the other hand, Grasshopper feels like it's the second coming of Santa Claus (with a handtruck!) and is having a blast unpacking all of the toys and games that mysteriously absented his room while he was at school. Ahem.

He has been adorable taking all of his rediscovered toys around and introducing them to his new toys, since they've never met. Primarily this involves the repeated crashing of cars, then the arrival of a tow truck and ambulance and police cruiser (with lights! and sirens!). He never actually takes the cars to the shop to have repairs made, and nobody goes to jail or the hospital. He just moves on to another car, another crash and another round of introductions. Yep, he's a boy all right.

JR and I have been having lots of fun debating whether or not we'll ever use things (but we might GET a table that size, and then I'll have to waste money on a tablecloth! This one was free from your mother!) and also rethinking our furniture layout.

"Well dear, I think that I like the hutch on that wall, but let's try it over here. Ohhh you know, that might be better up stairs...what? Why are you rolling your eyes and muttering? What's that about women?"

Did I also mention that we picked the coldest weekend in the history of cold weekends to do this? Yes, we did! We are geniuses people, really. As if the horror of unloading all of the stuff you don't need on a daily basis weren't enough, you have to wear long underwear and gloves to do it. We live in the south for a reason Mother Nature (shakes fist at the sky).

Poor Grasshopper had to put his little metal cars into the microwave of his newly returned plastic kitchen to, "Warm them up a bit!" Before they could go crashing into each other. The kid cracks me up.

So that's why I haven't been around much, Dear Internets. I'm too busy discovering that I have a LOT of potholders. Who knew?


Melissa said...

I know what you mean. We have a 3 car garage and 2 cars covered in snow sitting in the driveway because we can't fit them in the garage due to all the CRAP we've accumulated! Throw it all out now. Trust me, it only gets worse!

Crystal said...

Potholders: taking over the world, one kitchen drawer at a time:)