Saturday, November 22, 2008

Playdates are the BEST! Oh, and the kids had fun too...

So last evening we had some friends, very good friends, that we haven't seen in way too long over for dinner and a playdate. They have a little boy precisely Grasshopper's age (Grasshopper is exactly 2 hours older, and I have no doubt that he will lord that fact over his buddy in years to come) and an adorable 4 month old daughter. Whom Grasshopper claimed he couldn't see if I was holding her. A rather more sophisticated protest tactic from my 2 year old than I expected, to be honest.

It was such a relaxed and cozy time last night, eating steaming bowls of chicken tortilla soup (the boys of course turned down my homemade soup in favor of chicken nuggets) with a roaring fire in the fireplace, a beautiful baby discovering that she has a voice and chirping away as she practiced rolling across my rug....and the boys; screaming, jumping and tackling each other to their hearts' content. Truly one of those perfect evenings that come along so infrequently in life.

This morning when he got up Grasshopper asked me, "More party Mommy, PLEASE?" and as I had not yet had any coffee I stared at him blankly until JR said, "Do you think we had a party last night, Grasshopper?" and Grasshopper said, "Yeah!" like we were the dumbest people on the planet because obviously it was a party. You just can't have that much fun, otherwise.

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