Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Haw-ween!

It's Halloween (or Haw-ween as Grasshopper is wont to say) today and one of my favorite holidays. I, who should really not be disturbed before 9:00am or at least 2 cups of coffee (has anyone figured out how to explain this to a 2 year old with good results? Hello, anyone?) woke up downright perky after hearing my son at the bottom of the stairs practicing saying, "trick or treat" with his Daddy. Now, I have every confidence that tonight he will freeze up on nearly every doorstep and refuse to speak, but for right now the "trick or treats" keep coming and I think that someone who is not a member of this immediate family will actually understand him. This is huge people! His speech and enunciation are improving daily and I am so glad. Maybe sometime soon I'll win that prize I've been waiting for.

Grasshopper has already worn his costume twice for parties, but we have managed to keep it from becoming stained or torn so he is going to be a fetching young Dragosaur this evening. A Dragosaur, for those who don't know, is a lovely winged, tailed creature who looks EXACTLY like a dragon but is referred to as a dinosaur by the little boy inside the costume. Here is the little boy in question at one of the Halloween parties we attended.

So I have decided that since it is a marvelous, totally for the kids (I refuse to think that Halloween is for the adult and skankily-clad) holiday that I will enjoy it to the best of my abilities with my gorgeous Grasshopper and send the Green-Eyed Monster on vacation. Afterall, Halloween has enough monsters without her.

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