Monday, September 21, 2009

Anyone have a spare ark?

Warning: photo-heavy post ahead

We have been having a record-breaking monsoon season in Atlanta this month.I have had a hard time finding accurate information on the web as to how much rain we've gotten over the month [edited: over 15 inches this week according to a new update], but I do know for sure that on Saturday between Midnight and 1:00 pm a measuring station recorded over 5 inches of rainfall. And it's been raining non-stop for days and days people.

We see heavy rain and flooding from time to time when a hurricane or tropical storm moves through, but this is different. This is sustained rainfall for no apparent "reason" and with no end in sight.

I have lived in Atlanta for over 14 years. I have lived in my current house for over 6 years. I have never seen anything like this.

As I drove through my neighborhood this morning with my camera, I saw a husband and wife wading through crotch-deep water clutching their dog and a few possessions tightly to their chests. I almost asked if I could take their picture, but I did not want to intrude on their obvious grief.

Our house is on high ground. We are lucky. Many are not.

All of these photos were taken in my neighborhood, many from the front steps of my house. As always, you may click to "embiggen".

This shot is from my front porch. People are stupid. Two people have DIED in Atlanta after having their cars overcome by the water.

This is my across the street neighbor, Lady Di, attempting to keep the flood waters out with a sheet of plywood and grim determination. It wasn't enough.

The end of my driveway. The water was over the top of my galoshes.

My mailbox and WAKE from a passing vehicle.

The bike/nature path that we frequently utilize. The bridge is typically about 6-7 feet above a creek bed that is more often than not DRY.

My neighbors.

Oh. My poor neighbors.

Now I just have to figure out what I can do to help.


Atlanta Mommy said...

Oh my god, Natasha. It's not nearly that bad in our area. I'm so sorry. I hope it doesn't reach you. Let me know if we can do anything!

StephLove said...

Goodness! I hadn't even heard about this. I hope you and yours stay dry.

FollowMeDown30 said...

Oh my-I really hope you miss this as well. Some dear friends of mine had their town experience a flood and the main thing they needed help with was blankets and clothes, laundry detergent and bleach after. Maybe you can offer to store some of your neighbors most important things like photos? I don't where one would even begin.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

That's crazy!!! I hope you stay nice and dry, my dear!

Mama Goose said...

Oh my word. Today is the first I've heard about all the rain! I wish I could send some good weather your way!

Stay safe!

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I heard nothing about the rain until this morning. Be safe.

Stacey said...

Good lord. That's insanity. I've been thinking about you cousins and uncle live there and I haven't heard anything from them which worries me a bit. Take care of yourselves and let us know you are okay.

Praying for some sun.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Geez! I was just reading about the rain on another bloggers site who lives in Atlanta but she must not be anywhere where it's this bad. That is crazy. And like you said, what can you do? Water goes where it goes and it so hard to realize not much will stop it.

I hope you all stay safe during the rain!

hayseed said...

I've never experienced anything like that either- I hope it stops very soon- stay dry.