Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hey CDC, I've got a hot tip!

Well. The young Grasshopper, he is sick. The not-so-young Mommy, she is sick. The wonderful, hard-working JR, he is out of town. And quite likely to get sick if he doesn't start with the Zicam right this minute. (yes, I am nagging my husband via my blog. I am a 21st century housewife.)

We've all been exposed, you see. Repeatedly exposed to those germs of doom...Preschool Germs. I am beginning to wonder why all of the fuss is about virulent germs in hospitals these day. Because the tough ones, the ones that resist all manner of disinfecting sprays, wipes and mops are in the Preschools.

We have never been a sickly family. Grasshopper had only one Sick Baby visit to the doctor in the 2.25 years before he began preschool. Since then, he's had two, and one of those was in the Emergency Room.

These germs that Grasshopper brings home seem to withstand everything that we throw at them, including our own white blood cells.

Also, they are ruining our holidays! Last night we missed the Holiday Open House at Grasshopper's best friend Monkey Boy's house. My poor child sat on the sofa, coughing up chunks of I'm- not- going- to- describe- it- here- because- I- am- a- kind- blogger. And howling out his distress at missing a party.

The good news is that his howls didn't last long before they dissolved in croaking and coughing and were replaced by teary declarations that, "Throat hurt." Poor baby. He couldn't even keep his rheumy eyes open for Max and Ruby, a sure sign of his rapid decline.

Today, we have a MOMS Club Christmas party which includes a cookie swap for which I baked several dozen cookies. Several dozen cookies that are currently languishing in my freezer because in all likelihood, my fellow MOMS don't want their Chocolate Crinkles with a festive side of snot. Harumph. I mean, it is green...

So my question this morning, (besides where are the freaking tissues with the lotion in them, I know I bought some last Preschool Germs go-round) is when is the CDC going to start working on this issue? We can't possibly be the only household suffering. Right? Right?

Edited to add: Okay, so it's actually Sunday, not Monday, and therefore the MOMS Club thing is tomorrow, not today. See, I told you I don't feel good. The Preschool Germs are obviously attacking my memory as well as the glands in my throat...


Dysd Housewife said...

I know what you mean. I have 3 kids in school, and EVERYTHING goes around, and then comes around to US. we usually have a housefull of "sickies" on New Years. We watch the ball drop, with a box of kleenex.

Allison said...

We really missed you guys, but thank you for keeping this one to yourself. The girl child has been snotty nosed and coughing for a few days now, but no fever (yet)