Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Technology Generation

Yesterday Grasshopper got a care package in the mail from my parents. This is a somewhat regular and very exciting occurrence which leads him to believe that ALL packages arriving on our doorstep are for him. But I digress.

Yesterday's package was filled with things a little boy would love: a new puzzle (Fire Truck!), two new books (Dye-sores!) and an extra special bonus: sea shells! Last May Grasshopper, JR and I, along with both sets of Grandparents spent a blissful week on the beach in Florida. This past week, my parents were at a different beach and decided to send Grasshopper some sea shells to share the experience. He thought that was really "coowel" until I decided to show him that he could use the largest shell to listen to the ocean. He sat there wide-eyed for a minute with the shell pressed to his ear, then turned to me and said with a frown, "New batteries."

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